Fairwell, WordPress

After a long and hot-and-cold relationship with this blog, I’m officially laying it to rest. After exploring  options, I’ve decided the platform more suited to my style is Tumblr, on which you can find me at Colour Receptor, where I’ll be doing things much as I did here, only in a more freestyle form.

I hope to see you there, whomever may still be following this thing.



Not Dead, Just Really Quiet

They’re kind of amazing, the quick transitions that so often occur in life. One minute, it seems, after weathering a familiar grind for so long nothing is ever going to change, only to have everything flipped on its head in what feels like a blink of an eye. My reviving this blog was an attempt to break from a rather monotonous period, and not too long after that idea a series of much larger changes and activities occurred. Naturally, that meant this  project quickly got pushed to the back burner.

I know, I know, I’m not saying anything new; in fact, there are probably more posts on here about things in the works and how I need to post more frequently, many of which are promises shortly broken. (And a huge thanks to all those who have so kindly illustrated that point on several occasions. I’m looking at you, Cow Bay gang—I believe the invitation was to a friendly night at the cabin, and not a personal roasting. But I digress…)

Know this: The Battle of the Blog is not ended. (That wasn’t cheesy at all, right?) It’s just on Economy Mode for the time being.


What goes around…

It feels like it’s been a month since I last posted on here, and not a week and two days, given all the activities of late. I was going to get at least one Sunday post up since having missed last Wednesday, but I was too busy traversing rapids on a tube and saving lives. (That’s not a complete exaggeration—only a considerable one.) Anyways, there are some pretty major developments that have kept me from attending to my often neglected blog; I wasn’t simply turning the music up to drown out its whimpers. Continue reading

Breaking Knowledge

Chemistry is…

At last—the first real Breaking Knowledge post! After delays for various reasons, I’ve finally managed to open the school doors and offer you all a bit of incite inspired by you know what.

As well as chemistry, one could suggest that Breaking Bad is indeed a study of transformation: one that Walt goes through rather rapidly. And to paraphrase the man himself, “the more rapid the change, the greater the explosion.”

Until next week.

Week In Review

Criterion Top 50

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! It’s Sunday again, and of course that brings with it a corralling of stuff that caught my eye over the past few days. This one’s a bit of a heavyweight contender. Let’s get ready to internet rumble! (Sorry Michael Buffer, I know that was lame. And that was probably too many fight night references.) Continue reading