Week In Review

Are You Creatively Satisfied?

Tomorrow’s Thursday, which means come tomorrow, tomorrow’s Friday! That’s something to get excited about. What else might you get excited about? How about the collection of links below? Party whistles in hand, everyone!

Are You Creatively Satisfied?Two Minutes with TGD presents this excellent collection of people responding to that very question. The woman presented above puts things quite eloquently—unfortunately I know not her name—but nearly all the answers a great for one reason or another. [via Yewknew]

Utensils can affect taste — A brief summary of interesting research, and I need emphasize brief as it doesn’t present much supporting—read: why is that?—information. (That being said, I’m not overly anxious to dive into the thirteen page PDF.) I suppose I mostly find it interesting as it’s another example of the subconscious affecting perception. (Yeah, I should provide some examples here, but I won’t. Harsh, I know.) [via Co.Design]

Just look — A perfectly simple sign employing people to just enjoy their surroundings for a minute. It’s at the Grand Canyon, but it’s something that should be carried with you everywhere, frankly. [via Quipsologies]

Brave New World Illustrated — A kick-ass collection of illustrated work interpreting Aldous Huxley’s classic novel. For anyone’s who’s read, or is interested in Orwell’s 1984 should read this book now—it’s shockingly more accurate in many ways. [via CR Blog]

Simpsonized — Apparently Adrien Noterdaem doesn’t work for The Simpsons, but does an amazing job appropriating the style and drawing current pop culture figures. Colin approves. [via Quipsologies]

The World at Night — A very sexy print of the world map with glow-in-the-dark ink used to create a nightscape of lights. Wonderful. [via Coudal]

DRAWONME — Philip Romano wants you to draw on his car—probably because he covered it in chalkboard paint. Pretty cool regardless, and worth appreciating for getting people to draw. [via Quipsologies]

That concludes this round of internet excitement!

And I’m out.


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