Stuff I've Designed

Type’s Most Wanted


I’ve developed a crazy love for 19th century typographic mishmash posters. The idea for the posters above arrived shortly after I tucked in for the night. (It’s a common occurrence for ideas to deliver themselves as I try to fall asleep — kind of annoying.) I suppose they also make a comment towards my rather discerning (read: anal retentive) taste for typefaces.

Stuff I'm Digging

Sweet Sweet Logos

Received a very pleasant surprise yesterday: the copy of Pentagram Marks: 400 Symbols & Logotypes I purchased on that I kind of assumed I would never get, seeing how it’s limited to 1000 copies. But none the less here it is, and it’s a real nice little book  — as if that’s a surprise.

Everything is presented alphabetically by client and in black and white to stress the concept more than execution. And, as I mentioned it being quite limited in availability, I feel as though I’m part of some sort of exclusive club, exchanging nods with fellow members brandishing their little treasure.

I’ll post a few photos when I get the chance, though it’s probably pointless with the nice photos at the link above. Yeah, definitely pointless.