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Posters of the Conchords

Flight of the Conchords, a personal favourite, commissioned nearly a different designer for every poster for their 2009 tour. Some great stuff.

Via Quipsologies.

I can’t believe I flippin’ missed these guys in Vancouver. My brother got a ticket just by happenstance.

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A Couple Thoughts…

1. Sticking To What You Know

Now, I’m all for expanding horizons, trying new things and all that, but sometimes it’s good to be really good at something and stick to it. Case in point, a Sleeman’s Brewery bottle opener that I gratefully received within a case of beer. It’s beautiful: crafted of solid metal with a nice polished finish, in the shape of a Sleeman’s bottle and engraved with Sleeman’s insignia. The only problem is that the fucking thing doesn’t work worth a damn. The hole where the prying device lay is simply too wide, slipping over the caps with ease. I’ve spilled a lot of beer trying to use the thing. I know, I should stop using it, but it just looks so cool.

A note worthy of mentioning: Sleeman’s bottles come equipped with twist off caps. The caps requiring an opener are obviously of little experience in their house.

2. Ummmm…

Apparently I’ve forgotten the topic of Thought No. 2. Could be aforementioned beer. Will try and remember though. Promise.

Stuff I'm Digging

Good — Make That Amazing — Infographics


Good Magazine, which I was buying religiously when it was available at my local bookstore (I really should just subscribe), has put a Flickr gallery together of their gorgeous — and they’re all gorgeous — infographics work for their Transparencies section. Smart and attractive; it’s like looking in a mirror.

And if you’ve never pleasured yourself with a copy of Good, do it. (Not that sort of pleasure you naughty, naughty person.)