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The London 2012 Fiasco


Armin Vit, of UnderConsideration fame, posted a link to a great discussion regarding the London 2012 Olympic Games logo (which he very accurately describes as being two years late) on one of UC’s many sites, Quipsologies. Having rekindled my own thoughts about the logo I thought I’d share them here, even though no more really need be said on the subject. (Come on, who doesn’t like flogging a dead horse?) Continue reading


Music Review: Dead Weather’s Horehound


Jack White is a man on a mission. The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, his record label Third Man, and the newly released debut (I hope) album of The Dead Weather; there aren’t enough hours in a day for White. Normally one would assume that with so much effort and quality already produced and spent, there’s got to be some sort of plateau — a point where the wave breaks, even just a little. But on my first listening of the aforementioned debut album, titled Horehound, I was almost completely rocked. There’s only one — one — track that may take some warming up to, for my ears at least. Continue reading