Week In Review

Dr. Easy

It’s the end of June already, and that means us Canadians get an elongated weekend to celebrate the birth of this overwhelmingly large and polite country of ours. In this light, I will be once again postponing my first real Breaking Knowledge post—I’m the worst, I know—in the interest of unplugging for a couple days and maybe even spending a night in nature! On the upside, we’ve got a pretty healthy offering of links after the jump, so no complaining! Continue reading


Disappearing Acts


Ugh, blogs. One need not look to far to see I’ve clearly had a love-hate relationship with blogging. Don’t get me wrong, I adore it as a social and informative platform, but I’ve always struggled with how I contribute to the greater discourse; I don’t want to produce an online diary, leading me to try my hand at one or two more content-specific blogs, but my disparate interests and lack of patience for managing my online presence have always led me back to one central place. So, this blog has existed with some sustained activity and several periods of silence as my energy waxed and waned.  Continue reading