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The Design Observer (finally) has an excellent read regarding the infrastructure problems that are plaguing the United States and being fundamentally ignored by both the government and the people. Nancy Levinson, editor of Places, raises a lot of good points and references some great material. A line that I found particularly powerful was,

“Not everything that’s worth paying for will pay for itself.”

While not 100% pertinent to myself, being Canadian, there are a lot of issues there that affect North America as a whole. Well worth the brief effort.

Spare Change

Spare Change #021 and #022

So here’s a double shot since I missed yesterday. (Sometimes I get busy. Sue me.)

Did they ever wear big wigs? I sure hope so.

Logically, I would explain that X’s sort of resemble someone with outstretched arms — like a hug — and O’s could represent an open mouth — a pretty big kiss, no doubt. According to Wikipedia however, X’s generally represent kisses and O’s the hugs, which kind of spoils my explanation.

Spare Change

Spare Change #020

(I know this didn’t make Monday, but some of us live on different schedules.)

After seeing Avatar for the second time tonight — and thoroughly enjoying it in 3D both times, despite its fairly predictable Hollywood storytelling — I have to complain about the barrage of Papyrus, a rather abysmal design of a typeface. I mean, even the subtitles?! Don’t mention the occasional use of vertical scaling, please.

There’s a rather great letter to James Cameron written from Papyrus over here. (Unfortunately I can’t recall who led me there.)

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New Years Resolutions

My poor, neglected blog — between travel, partying, and forgetting my laptop numerous times, I finally have the time to sit down and catch back up with the internet. (596 RSS updates is always a pleasant surprise.) While it’s been a thoroughly entertaining few months, it’s time to focus and get my priorities straight, which leads me to this year’s resolution: Getting serious. Continue reading