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A Subway Station Art Gallery

I couldn’t resist posting this. The brilliant bunch at Improv Everywhere held an art gallery opening in on a subway station platform. “Agents” arrived slowly, acting as strangers, and enjoyed a small bar offering champagne (?) to sip while taking in the “art”. The placards written for the “pieces” are what I enjoy most:


Locked Box #2 (1988)
Metropolitan Transit Authority

This extremely subtle piece reexamines the assumption that art must be visually accessible to be important and identifiable as a creative work. This artist explores the limitless possibilities of the hidden here, allowing the viewer to reevaluate underlying preconceptions, and to recondition the inner mind to work with the perception of the commonplace outer space.

Utterly hilarious. Check more out here. Via Design Observer.

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Spy On Your Neighbours

A Good Samaritan Product of the Month:

I was eating dinner this evening and my Dad was watching television. While in the kitchen preparing a second burrito for myself, I overheard an ad I had seen previously but completely forgotten about. “Ever wonder what people are talking about across the room?” Well, wonder no longer with the magical — and conveniently pocket-sized — ListenIn. You no longer have to assume that those beautiful women working out on the stationary bikes are talking about how sexy you are — it’s nice to confirm that I look amazing drenched in sweat and wearing my ‘God these weights are heavy’ face.

“… or listen in to a conversation from across the street.” This I find particularly useful. Not only can you find out whether or not those people down the street actually are the drug fiend murdering psychopaths you thought they were, but in an era so saturated in terrorism, what about those new neighbours? You know. The ones with the darker skin. Check it out. If you hear anything that sounds suspicious or unfamiliar, call Big Brother.

Orwell would be pleased.

Stuff I'm Thinking About

A Shift in Focus

After the short while this blog has been in existence, it’s seen little in the way of original content. Sure, you might say it hasn’t seen much in the way of content period. And I won’t argue that really. This is more of a reining of the beast before it gets too far ahead of me. I want to write more and, obviously, this is a great place to do it. The struggle comes in finding content I deem “worthy” of writing about — and anyone who really knows me will say I can have difficulty deciding that something is “good enough.”

So posting will slow down, but I really don’t feel like producing something where I need to post something daily just to keep up the update rate. Besides, it’s not like I have a vast crowd of readers to keep happy and docile. Weekly is going to be my goal: if I can get one piece that largely consists of my own words and/or work up each week, I’ll be a happy camper. I won’t rule out posts to other work, but I don’t want this to just be a collection of other peoples’ work.

What might the first topic of my choosing be? I haven’t a clue.