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Drunk History, Volume 6

“Today, we’re going to talk about… Nikola Tesla.”

Derek Waters continues to enlighten and entertain us with his ever informative Drunk History — go get yourself learned. Be sure to watch them all and never feel like the stupid guy at the party again.


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A Quick Review of Christopher Nolan

I’m going to avoid any attempt to make myself sound like a legitimate critic and simply say that Inception is the latest project listed on one of my favourite director’s resume. Christopher Nolan is quite simply thinking on another level, taking intelligence and creativity where one wouldn’t expect it; who’s done a better masked hero movie? (I love Zack Snyder’s production of Watchmen, but he had brilliant source material.) Inspired by seeing his latest movie tonight, I’m doing a quick review of his filmography to date with what commentary and insight I might be able to provide. Continue reading

Stuff I'm Thinking About

New Header, New Outlook

As I do on a fairly regular basis, I think about my current situation and things I’ve done and will be doing. Inevitably I start to think about what I should be doing, and this blog is always one of those subjects; if this blog were a house cat I doubt you’d want to pet it. I know I’ve said it before but this time I think it’s serious: I’m going to manage this here thing with more energy and attention. I’ve got to ignore my amazing ability to consider anything I do worthless and (cliche and trademark warning) just do it.

With that in mind, I’ve introduced a new header — GASP — for the blog, something I think is a little more visually interesting than what’s previously held its place. I’m not sure what to do with the Spare Change project, perhaps it’ll find itself newly incarnated. I do however want to have something to challenge my creativity on a regular basis; I’ll surely make an announcement when I’ve reached my decision as to what approach to take. I’ve also got another blog idea in the back of my head, which may come to fruition sooner than later.

I’ll wrap this up as I’m sure anyone who’s read any of my inspired writings is completely tired of hearing me say essentially the same things over and over.