Week In Review

Sexy Scripts and Crazy Posters

It’s only been a few days of using Feedly, but I must say it’s a lot prettier than anything I’ve been using to date. I don’t quite understand some of its functionality just yet—it doesn’t seem to list all of my unread articles in one screen in a readable form, to my knowledge, which is a little strange, but it’s working for now. First world problems, am I right? Anyways, this Sunday’s roundup is a little light, but it’s gorgeous out and you shouldn’t be on your computer anyways. But don’t go just yet!


Rolling Pen — A rather lovely promotion for an equally lovely typeface from swashy script creator extraordinaire Ale Paul. The video is what I’m referring to specifically, but the stills are pretty hot too, as you’ll notice above. (I kind of love neon. There, I said it.) Added to the “Purchase Soon” list. [via Quipsologies]

American vs European Film Poster Design — It’s no real secret that I’ve got a fondness for European design—they just seem to do it better on average over there. Something in the water, perhaps. This is a great little collection of some American film posters and their Communist European counterparts. There’s one or two in there that are a little strange—take the Escape from the Planet of the Apes design, or the Die Hard one which is very . . . abstract—but there are also some gems. (I’m particularly fond of the Big and Rosemary’s Baby interpretations, though the American sheet for Rosemary’s Baby is a classic.) Who said Communists are no fun? [via Film.com]

Cockney Rhyming Slang — Get the dickey bird on that zany Cockney rabbit and pork. (I had to laugh out loud when I read the bit about calling someone a turd, “That bloke’s a complete Richard.” Well Richard, I guess I’d suggest avoiding East London or things might get awkward.) This is a nice introduction, but if you want the full deal check CockneyRhymingSlang.co.uk out. [via Coudal]

Blue Collar Benches — I’ve no idea how comfortable these things actually are, but damn are they hot looking. If I had the money—and a yard worthy of it—I’d get one just to look at. Well done. [via Quipsologies]

The Time Being Trailer — This looks like it could be good. Really good. A unique premise from a first-time writer/director, if it lives up to the trailer’s quality it’ll be a treat. [via Film.com again]

The $350 3D Printer — Yeah, that’s pretty cheap. The Buccaneer is pretty attractive to boot, even if it suffers from a bit of slightly tacky marketing. (I’m just not really digging the pirate theme, you know?) The Kickstarter campaign has ended, so now it’s just time to see what happens. [via Co.Design]

I guess that wasn’t so light—seven items in all. I’ve got that piece I mentioned a little ways back in response to a now not-so-recent event; it’s not perfect by any stretch but I’m going to accept that and call it finished, for now anyways. That will be following shortly.


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