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PT Anderson’s “The Master”

The second teaser trailer for PT Anderson’s new film, The Master, came out today (or yesterday—time is a blur at the moment). If you haven’t seen the first teaser, I highly recommend doing so before watching the second one as they do a great job of progressively building intrigue without giving much detail away.

Philip Seymour Hoffman is always amazing, and I have to say, there’s something rather maniacal looking about Joaquin Phoenix in this flick, and I’m liking it—a lot. I’m also getting *very* fed up with all the ridiculous pop-ups during YouTube videos. (Just had to vent that.)


Back in the Saddle

Yee-haw, bitches.

I’m back! Like so many athletes, rock stars, and washed up celebrities unable to truly quit the game, I’ve decided to return from retirement. Please, save your heart-felt words of jubilation for later; I’ve got a thing or two I’d like to say before I get overwhelmed by emotion. Continue reading