What goes around…

It feels like it’s been a month since I last posted on here, and not a week and two days, given all the activities of late. I was going to get at least one Sunday post up since having missed last Wednesday, but I was too busy traversing rapids on a tube and saving lives. (That’s not a complete exaggeration—only a considerable one.) Anyways, there are some pretty major developments that have kept me from attending to my often neglected blog; I wasn’t simply turning the music up to drown out its whimpers.

First and foremost, in a little over a week’s time I will officially be an Art Director for one of the bigger creative firms here in town. It’s going to be a pretty significant shift, but I’ve frankly never felt more ready for a new challenge; and while I’ll miss parts of the old job, it’s a change that was definitely needed.

Second, and only slightly less important, this restaurant I’ve alluded to once or twice is fast approaching opening day and I’ve put together a house rye label (complete with a bit of custom typography) and the four menu sheets in the past week or so. The logo was recently applied to the main wall at approximately five by twenty feet in a faux vintage style—it looks pretty bloody convincing—and there’s more yet to be installed/completed. It’s been an incredible experience helping direct a brand from the ground up with the owner, and I’ve been very tempted to post pieces as things progress but I’ve decided I’m going to save it all for a big Ta Da!

There won’t be a Review post tomorrow as I haven’t even had time to keep up with my interneting habits, but I’ll try to get something up this weekend, and I promise you, you—and especially you—that I’ll resume regular activity once things have calmed down a little.

Until next time, rock out with your socks out.


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