Week In Review

The Craft Paper Comeback

Alright kiddies, gather round. It’s time for another roundup of what Colin found interesting within his daily internet feed. (I think we’re quite a bit closer to The Matrix than people realize, but let’s not get all philosophical above the fold—that stuff’s for the comments.)

Helen Musselwhite — Beyond having a great name, Helen here never bothered listening to those other kids that said crafting with paper is for kindergarten—and thank goodness. Yeah, paper art isn’t new, but she does it very well. [via The Fox Is Black]

The History of the Monopoly Pieces — Just in case you need conversation material for your next social gathering… because anyone will talk about Monopoly, any time. And that’s a fact. [via Quipsologies]

Cattle Branding — A nice, relatively short introduction to the world of cattle branding, which in essence is the basis of one of my favourite design facets: identity (logo) and brand design. [via Quipsologies again]

Hair Apparent — Because. [via Coudal]

Curious Iconic Craft — While never having purchased, or even held for very long, a copy of either Huck or Little White Lies, I’ve always had a deep appreciation for what they’ve done; their passion and dedication beams through each time. Well, the guys that founded those two magazines have come together to form a company, and launched a Kickstarter project to produce a book based on their experiences. Needless to say, I only considered it a while before backing it. [via CR Blog]

I wanted to be off this blasted machine a good hour and a half ago so thing’s were culled down a little extremely this round. Goodnight!


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