Week In Review

Stage Whispers, Screaming Vikings, and Naming Cocktails

I don’t know if it’s just me, or are the weekends after unusually long weeks always cruelly short? I’m having a hard time accepting that it’s mid-Sunday afternoon already, but there’s no point lamenting—we’ve got interweb to consume!

Swizzle Me This — A great article on the art of cocktail naming. Thanks first and foremost to Clive’s Classic Lounge, I’ve been a burgeoning mixology nerd over the past two years, and I may have officially reached status as a lot of what’s discussed isn’t completely over my head. It’s a little lengthy, but well rewarding for the interested and curious. (The cocktail pictured above is a Ward 8, comprised of whisky (bourbon in this case), fresh lemon and orange juice, and a dash of grenadine; it was then carbonated for a bit of a twist and love from the bartender. (See this, which is both completely over the top and completely accurate.))  [via Coudal]

Maximizing Your Creative Output — Fast Company provides a nice little read on how our brains work organically—not in the linear fashion so many of us are confined to—and how our productivity, like sleeping patterns, works with natural peaks and valleys. Obviously this isn’t something everyone can adopt instantly and strictly, but it’s worth keeping in mind and trying to practice even on a small scale, something I’ve been trying to be acutely conscious of as I recover from my neck and shoulder issues. [via Design Info]

The Offline Glass — Most, if not all, of us have been there: you’re out for the evening with someone to enjoy one another’s company, only to have them spend half (or more) of the time on their flippin’ phone. Well, Mauricio Perussi, the Salve Jorge Bar, and partners have created a phenomenally simple solution. Brilliant. [via Co.Design]

Hopewell American Textiles — Some seriously sexy modernist quilts. Now if only all this wonderful modernist stuff would come down in price… [via The Fox Is Black]

JOBS Trailer — So, remember that announcement about Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs in an upcoming biopic that left me scratching my head? The trailer has been released and, well… I don’t want to be negative, so let’s just say I’m still very curious how this is going to turn out; I’m banking much more heavily on Aaron Sorkin’s work in progress. [via a coworker, but ComingSoon provided the link]

Smartphone PSA — Another quick jab at all those fixated on their handheld worlds. This totally reminds of the great Windows phone advert and it’s a little obvious where it’s going, but it’s still good for a laugh. [via Coudal, because I had to get them in here twice]

Downcast — Friends are recommending more and more podcasts, and I’ve heard that Apple’s offerings for consuming them are pretty abysmal, so if when I get around to seriously checking that stuff out this app is first on my list to try. [via Yewknee]

Well, that concludes this curated serving of the World Wide Webs. I’m postponing my Breaking Knowledge post for a week as I’ve decided to do a piece in response to an event from last week; I hope to have something to post in lieu of the BK post today, but I’m not going to rush things.


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