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Toy Car Mayhem

Thank goodness I put these things in two editions a week—a whole ten links follow the break. Make sure you’re good and comfortable before continuing.

Toy Car Chases — LUXE37, a Youtube user out of Japan, is making some pretty kick ass car chase scenes with toys. This satisfies my childhood memories of playing with toy cars and my adult male urges to see dramatic car chases/crashes and, well, play with toy cars. So what? [via Coudal (I swear, I don’t just repost everything they put up. Honest.)]

The Wolf of Wall Street Trailer — It looks like Martin Scorsese has picked up the gloves to take on Oliver Stone’s classic Wall Street. To be completely honest, I’m not sure what to make of it just yet—it looks to be a fuelled up version of the aforementioned classic, but I suppose that’s what one should expect from Scorsese. (You’ve got to wonder how he keeps that energy going at his age. Good on you, Marty. (You don’t mind if I call you Marty, hey Marty? Great.)) [via Coudal (Ahem.)]

Hey DJ, scratch that poster? — To promote a mobile app, some dudes—and probably dudettes too—created a poster with some scratch surfaces to emulate the familiar sounds of record scratching. It sounds pretty ridiculous, but when you watch the video it’s actually pretty convincing sounding. That’s tickie-tight! (That was bad. My apologies.) [via CR Blog]

Mario’s Closet — A great illustration that is sure to pluck a heart string or two for many gamers, nerd, and various other cool people. (Unfortunately I can’t link directly to it, but it’s in the first column from the left, fifth down.) There are some other greats in there too, including George Lucas shaving, and ET’s bike being stolen. [via Quipsologies]

The Lytro — Apparently the future of photography is already upon us. The video seems to have no sound, so it’s very little help in trying to understand exactly what’s going on, but the article says something about capturing light from multiple angles, or time travel or something. I think Keanu said it best: “Whoa.” [via Co.Design]

Petition Against Adobe’s Creative Cloud Mandate — Derek Schoffstall isn’t too happy about Adobe’s decision to do away with their physical Creative Suite product and move to an online-only platform, and frankly I’m not too stoked either. Adobe has had a stranglehold on their industry for years, and they only look to be getting more tight fisted. (On a slightly related side note, it’s interesting to note that Microsoft just changed their decision regarding online requirements for their upcoming Xbox One.) I haven’t thrown my John Hancock in yet, but am seriously considering it once I’ve combed the details. [via Quipsologies]

Computer Chess Trailer — Right… This is just strange enough to have me completely intrigued. [via Coudal]

Seattle — A gorgeously designed print, well suited for anyone who’s a fan of Seattle, geometric illustration, or landscapes. And if you love all three? Forget about it! [via The Fox is Black]

Cadillac’s Comeback — A great writeup on how Cadillac is clawing its ways from the scrap heaps in Detroit back to the limelight. I’ve always been a sucker for cars—remember that link a few paragraphs back?—and Cadillac is one of the few domestic car companies I’ve admired. [via Co.Design]

RIP James Gandolfini — I was honestly surprised when I heard the news that James Gandolfini passed away suddenly today (June 19th); he became a very familiar, and fondly remembered face as Tony Soprano, amongst other notable roles. I’d say salute, but it doesn’t seem appropriate. [via a coworker, but the link goes to ComingSoon]

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