Week In Review

Big Brother is watching

It’s a pretty thin offering this week. Apparently there’s not much going on out there in cyberspace. 

1984 Cover Design — Letterology has a great collection of cover designs for Orwell’s classic 1984. My personal favourite is the Penguin reissue designed by David Pearson, for which I’m awaiting the Canadian release so I don’t have to spend double the price to get it from across the pond. Bloody shipping. [via Quipsologies]

Fuuvi NanoBlock Camera — As a kid I spent countless hours surrounded by LEGO blocks, crafting and deconstructing from sunrise to sunset. As it will always hold a dear place in my heart, anything that riffs on the LEGO aesthetic usually wins me over pretty easily, and this camera is no exception. All that retro nerdiness can fit comfortably in your pocket for a little over $50 USD (plus that blasted shipping again). Hipsters, put your bibs on. [via Co.Design]

Learnt from Lester — A great little tribute to one of the characters from what is most certainly my favourite show of all time, The Wire. (Richard, if you’re reading this, you need to get on that, bro!) Yeah, this is probably the inspiration for my Breaking Knowledge project. Yeah, well, my drawing’s prettier. [via Quipsologies]

Only God Forgives, New Trailer — This is another trailer for Nicolas Winding Refn’s new film starring a familiar face from his previous picture, Drive. If it’s half as good as Drive, and Ryan Gosling’s performance is near what it was—which it all looks to be—this should be a rather good flick. (Insightful, I know.) [via ComingSoon]

Party Excuses — Because sometimes you need to be able to justify the drink in your hand. And, you know, it’s good to be aware of current events and stuff. [somewhat indirectly via Coudal]

Glyphs — Lastly, a quick link to an application—because apparently “computer program” is collecting dust in a heap somewhere with my SEGA and rotary telephone—for designing fonts. This is mostly just to bookmark it for myself because I don’t have $300 to drop on it at this particular time. [via Will, a coworker who does not have a link because—well, because he’s a person]

Well, that’s a little longer than I anticipated; I suppose there are things happening on the internet after all. I’ve got a few post ideas I’m working on but I’ve been awfully preoccupied lately so I’m not making any promises on those appearing immediately. That being said, they will be done!

Unless I find a miraculous pocket of free time, I’ll see y’all Wednesday.


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