Week In Review

Play Guitar with David Brent, and more

Alright guys, here it is—that big post I was talking about! It’d actually be a whole heck of a lot bigger, but I’ve got some freelance work to do so I’ve got to cut things a little short. Priorities! Now, down to the fun:

Play Guitar with David BrentThe Office (the English one, not the American one—big diff) sort of changed my life, and Ricky Gervais will always hold a place in my heart for that. Here, he reprises his wonderfully awkward—when isn’t Ricky awkward?—role as David Brent, this time helping you learn guitar. I think. [via Coudal]

Oh my God — Geometric illustration meets Greek mythology. Great work. No clever comments necessary. [Coudal, again.]

FLOS Photography — Carl Kleiner takes the typically drab product photo of what is almost guaranteed boring material, light fixtures, and turns them into wonderful pieces of abstract art. Not for everything, certainly, but a bold and beautiful project. [via FAST Co., which is obvious if you follow the link]

NYC Municipal Photography Archives — More photography! A huge collection of archived photos for perusal. Unfortunately the site is a little shit—pardon my French—on the navigation front, but the content may consume more of your time than you want. [via Quipsologies]

Machete Kills Teaser — Robert Rodriguez gets his B-grade grind on with the second instalment of Machete. The first one was thorough fun—what I like to refer as trashy done to right. The two trailers available on that page are the same, but the first one is for Spanish audiences which kind of makes it more fun! (Being that I don’t speak Spanish.) [via ComingSoon, again obvious by the link]

Salomé — An über-sexy modern serif typeface, of which the stencil version is used in the post image above. You can get the regular weight for a tweet or Facebook message, and the rest (Stencil, Fine, + italics for all, plus a Deco caps version) on a pay-what-you-want basis, starting at five Euros. [via Quipsologies again]

A Perfect Match — This couple has dressed in coordinated attire for thirty-five years. I don’t necessarily agree with the idea, but I’m glad to see they’ve found each other. [yup, Quipsologies again]

The Wall Trailer — At first, I thought this was going to be some sort of horror movie, but it looks to be much more a meditation on isolation, survival, and the human mind. Call me intrigued. [via Coudal again; this is getting kind of embarrassing]

Art, with Salt! — That’s right, this guy’s playing with food. But it’s totally worth it, because the images this guy’s creating with good old sodium chloride is awesome. Thank goodness his mother let him do his thing. [via The Fox is Black, in case you don’t notice]

Where have all the wildlings gone? — I was literally saying I wanted to create, or at least see, a web site (with nice graphics of course) that tracked Game of Thrones—a reference of sorts. Well, I can take that off the drawing board: Nigel Evans Dennis has knocked right out of the fucking park with his site; the only suggestion I can think of immediately is to make the legend a little more immediately accessible—it feels a little buried way down at the bottom. Nevertheless, I bow before you sir, and would gladly call myself a bannerman of House Dennis. [via who? why Coudal, of course!]

That wraps up this version of the Week in Review, which is really more like A Portion of Last Week in Review. The freelance project I’m working on right now is super exciting—branding for a new restaurant founded by an internationally recognized bar keep (that’s a bartender, y’all)—and I’ll be sure to post a thing or two on here as they develop; so far, the client’s tattooed the logo on his forearm, so he’s pretty committed. I’ve also got a few ideas for that regular creative exercise I mentioned back before my neck and shoulder got all mucked up, but have yet to really figure something solid out.

See everybody Wednesday, at the latest.


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