Disappearing Acts


Ugh, blogs. One need not look to far to see I’ve clearly had a love-hate relationship with blogging. Don’t get me wrong, I adore it as a social and informative platform, but I’ve always struggled with how I contribute to the greater discourse; I don’t want to produce an online diary, leading me to try my hand at one or two more content-specific blogs, but my disparate interests and lack of patience for managing my online presence have always led me back to one central place. So, this blog has existed with some sustained activity and several periods of silence as my energy waxed and waned. 

After some inspiring and revelatory conversation and reading, I’ve decided to once again enter the ring. I could blither on about the whys, but frankly, who cares? The point is I’m back, and ready for the battle—because that’s what it is sometimes.

I’ll be posting items of interest culled from the previous few days on Wednesdays and Sundays, so expect to see that at least. I’m also going to be starting a regular creative exercise, but I’m still working out details on what sort of rules and regularity I’ll be operating under. I’d love to have a Something Cool Every So Often, but the stress of ensuring it’s always cool (which I read as “fucking awesome and perfect” given all the other cool stuff on the internet) is pretty defeating; so, as I said, I’m still sorting out boundaries that will give me the creative freedom to make some mistakes and the boundaries to keep me focused and producing regularly.

As a start, here’s a great read on Brain Pickings, one of the major inspirations for my picking up the reins again, and promoting what looks to be a pretty good book.

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend—Monday is coming! (Game of Thrones joke!)


4 thoughts on “Disappearing Acts

  1. Best way to provide massive value when you blog is to just share what you’re learning with everyone around you 🙂 That’s what I do and people love it! Trust me, it gets really easy over time and it totally works.

    • Thanks Kareen. I’m actually not responsible for the design of the theme—it’s called Ryu, free for use—but I’m glad you like it. That being said, I construct a lot of the images; if you’re curious, you can see examples of my work at colinparks.com, my professional/personal portfolio.

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