Verdict: B+
Fantasy / Horror
Norway, 2010

Trolls: not something one hears too much about on a regular basis here in North America. (At least, not the portion I’m residing in.) So when I was browsing through iTunes’ foreign movie selection yesterday, I was intrigued when I saw the poster / icon for Trollhunter; watching the trailer and getting a glimpse of a two-hundred foot hairy behemoth—as in the image above—immediately solidified my curiosity. 

Since having seen a comparison chart of (mostly US) movie monster sizes, I’ve been keeping a semi-conscious log of the scale of aliens / monsters in film; it strikes me as slightly odd that while these creatures will quite often be considerably smaller, rarely do they get much larger. If I had to throw a guess out there, I’d imagine that it might be tied to budget constraints and being unable to throw endless dollars at special effects, but maybe people just don’t like their boogeymen much larger than themselves. Anyways, this is all to say that any time I see a beast larger than a hundred feet tall, I’m pretty excited—and Trollhunter delivered.

By no means a perfect movie—obviously, as if perfect film would get a B+ from the likes of some armchair critic—it’s still solidly enjoyable. I thought the acting and direction came off quite naturally, and the Blair Witch approach didn’t have me cursing the shaking camera too often. I felt the writing was the weakest aspect at times, with some scenes feeling scarce of dialogue and / or action (read: anything interesting), and a few holes in the plot and characters’ logic—the fact that there are tower-sized trolls wandering around while people think the existence of trolls is absurd, is kind of absurd. The special effects were a little uneven as well, sometimes looking a little cheap and sometimes looking great, but all this didn’t detract too much from enjoying the movie. (Note to self: Norway looks worth a visit if even just for the scenery.)

So, if you’re sitting around one night thinking, “Hmm, I’d really like to watch a movie involving trolls, perhaps some larger than a blue whale,” I can’t recommend a better movie than Trollhunter. “Troll!”


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