A Working Man

Man, my dogs are yawning! Normally they bark, but today they seem to be making more of a yawning noise, which is all very odd because I don’t actually work on my feet. Anyways, today officially marks One Week of Being Employed! Huzzah! I know you’re all having a lot of fun, but I’d like everyone to put their chilled spritzers down and listen up, because I’d like to make a toast. 

No, I’m not actually going to make a toast, but I will congratulate myself for having gotten through the first week despite being completely sleep deprived and sick for the latter half of the week and entire weekend. (Of course, it had to stick around for the weekend. Asshole.) While the work isn’t necessarily physically tough, it certainly requires some attention and it was a struggle at times mustering the required amounts, but today I stand proud after a day’s work feeling much better — thanks for asking, by the way. So, enough with the bush beating. What’s the job you ask?

Well, I’m glad to say that it is within my industry (Design. In. Case. You. Hadn’t. Noticed.). For the foreseeable future I’m going to be calling FriesenPress my employer, a somewhat small self-publishing company based right here in temperate Victoria, BC. While the road isn’t going to be all gold and jelly beans — that’s what the Yellow Brick Road was made from, right? — it’s going to be a good experience all in all: I’ve already learned a few tricks I hadn’t known previously and met a lot of great people. And besides, no road is ever entirely smooth is it? At least not the ones worth taking.

PS — I did not do the featured image; that was stolen quickly from a Google search and I was too lazy to do any research to discover whoever actually did it. So, get mad at me if you want, I guess.

PPS — I guess I might as well go on and fully disclose that I haven’t done a great deal of the artwork featured with my articles, if you Sherlock Holmeseses didn’t suspect it already. Sure, I’ve added some HILARIOUS bits of referential type to the images, but the core of the work has been done by some other poor sap who was unfortunate enough to be a victim of my appropriation.


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