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I know how interested and on-the-edge-of-your-seat you all are regarding my personal site so I’ll give you an update to ease the junky-suffering-withdrawl-like symptoms. (Some or all of those hyphens may be totally incorrect. Just saying.) I’m actually making some progress on the redesign, gang!! You can’t see it but I’m jumping up and down banging some serious head. (Not that kind of banging, pervos.) The fact that I managed to overcome a few mental blocks regarding writing code is worthy of a celebration! But unfortunately nobody clicked “Attending” on my Facebook event so it’s just me. Sigh — I don’t know what I’m going to do with all these kazoos and streamers. 

Hey, speaking of Facebook, did you know that the soundtrack for The Social Network is pretty flipping amazing? Don’t worry, I’m not going to rant about how good the film is and how much you need to see it because you all have seen it — each and every one of you. But the soundtrack guys, the soundtrack! Coupled with the film it’s utterly brilliant, adding a tremendous level of emotion to what could otherwise be a fairly vapid film about some nerds getting rich. (And I suppose some not getting rich to be fair.) I snagged a copy the other day and have been listening to it virtually non-stop. It’s been great background music to clack away to as I work on lines of code — I get this sort of “I’m kind of* like Mark Zuckerberg!” except without all the asshole-iness. (I suppose you may not actually be all the asshole the movie made you out to be, Mark. But in the movie? In the movie, you’re a pretty big asshole. Then again, virtually everyone was, save for Eduardo. Eduardo seemed nice. *I wanted to draw attention to how I’m using the phrase “kind of” because, really, I’m not at all like Mark Zuckerberg except for the fact that we’ve both written some internet code, drank beer and worn hoodies.)

Do yourself a favour and check out what I consider to be my favourite track — at least as of the writing of this post. Didn’t like it? I figured. That’s so like you. Psh. Stop bothering me, I’ve got work to do.


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