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Las Palmas Trailer, Y’all!

Hey, folks! It’s another week! That’s right, there was a weekend that just passed if you didn’t notice. (Don’t worry, I didn’t notice either — I’m unemployed! Hooray! (Seriously though, what’s the deal? Where’s the work, guys? Stop being so selfish and put a little on my plate, I’m starving!) Anyways, Quick Link alert!

Ignoring my ongoing projects — ugh, just doing those things is a project of its own (failed? y/n? input?) — I had to post a link to this trailer for an upcoming short by Johannes Nyholm titled Las Palmas. (What, you already knew that from the title of the post? Well excuse me mister busy pants, can’t spare re-reading a few (couple) words. (I’m sorry for having said “mister busy pants” — in hindsight that was a terrible decision and I’m sorry.)) I knew babies were messy but man! Lay off the other customers and be, you know, respectable? Even just a little? Note to self: If I’m ever a bouncer at a licensed establishment, sorry babies, not this club, ya dig? Get your dirty, over-drinking, customer-abusing selves to some other joint that doesn’t mind the trouble. Go on, get! (Side thought / concern: Do babies carry knives? It is 2011.)

Despite her — I can never really tell with babies but I’m going to say it’s safe to say it’s a girl, at least that appears to be how (s)he wants to be perceived (again, it’s 2011, let’s be accepting and supportive (go team people!)) — being totally destructive and ruining a nice evening for those poor patrons, she is equally hilarious and adorable. I am highly anticipating the completion of what looks like it could deliver some serious comedic goods.


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