An RSS Addiction

It would appear my attempts to keep up with the online world have gotten the best of me. As previously mentioned, I’ve been refreshing my previous web skills while trying to learn some new stuff as well — I’m pointing my nasty look at you, Javascript — which has really been a huge sap on my time; one thing that took an immediate back burner was following the blogosphere. (I’m aware that some people are kept up at night by the use of the word “blogosphere”. But Michael Bay is still making movies, so until that stops there are worse evils to be sleepless over.) In the week since I really did any serious reading of the 100+ blog feeds that get pumped into my Google Reader account, I’ve managed to accumulate “1000+” unread articles. 

1000+. Awesome. That’s more than 100 posts a day, which is kind of ridiculous. I’ve been at 700 and 800 before, but 1000+ feels like the Everest of blog posts. In all honesty there are a good number I could dump pretty easily — quite a few inspiration / admiration blogs, and some that I really don’t pay any attention to anymore — but every now and then a site proves its worth and I get nervous of missing out on what’s going on. The value of religiously following things on the internet has been on my mind for some time now. On one hand, I think it important to try and learn something every day and to continue expanding your knowledge, but on the other hand I wonder how much of it is truly useful; how much do we end up just repeating instead of truly digesting? In my realm, this means taking something from I piece of design I like and employing on the next (or current) project I’m working on just because I think it’s cool, versus taking the time to think about why it was used and how to perhaps create something similar for another, relevant project.

I’m still trying to understand the basics of the alien language known as Javascript, but I’m chiselling away. Slowly but surely.


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