Coding (Or, Learning To Code)

I am aware that I haven’t posted a Portrait of Spam in over a week and am once again a day late — at least — with my weekly review. But what you aren’t aware of is that for the past couple weeks I’ve been trying to teach myself to code more sophisticated websites. 

I’ve had a decent understanding of HTML and CSS (c. 2003), which has been enough to get by in producing my own simple site — which is going to be a recipient of a facelift — and, at least, knowing what can and can’t be achieved according to both technical limitations and standards compliancy within the realm of web design. As I gained experience within the print world, my fluency in code and modest abilities soon found themselves overwhelmed with what many people require from their sites today. Add to this the loss of a job opportunity due to “lack of web experience”, here I am today giving myself a crash course, refreshing my previous abilities and adding to the repertoire.

It’s been a bumpy road thus far, using a plethora of sources — some helpful, some not so much — and lacking a clear focus on what I’m attempting to achieve. And there’s the fact that I’m working from my living quarters, with guests (invited and otherwise) that at best are a momentary distraction. (No offence guys, Colin loves you. But really, give a brother some room sometimes, you know?) Sometimes I wish I could just find a small room somewhere with the books I require and plug away, but that doesn’t seem to be coming to fruition.

Anyways, down this road I continue. A few of my colleagues — namely Team Chris (X. and F.) — have been very helpful, for which I am grateful. I don’t know how active I’ll be on this thing within the next little while as I’m trying to minimize distractions and time sinks, which we all know the internet is great at.

A deep breath before the plunge…


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