Week In Review

01.31.2011 – 02.06.2011

Yesterday was Super Bowl if you didn’t know, because it’s not very well advertised. As such, I subjected my liver and waistline to the typical abuse associated with the day spent on the couch glued to the TV for which you receive no guilt, because everyone is doing it! Yay, Super Bowl! Here’s this week’s review. (That tiger looks dangerous as shit, doesn’t it? Scary stuff, what’s out there. Stay inside people. Stay inside and stay safe. I don’t want to be telling another person “I told you so” after correcting all those Steelers fans.) 

Kafka in Colour — Peter Mendelsund redesigns the author’s typically dreary covers with a whole lot more colour and some consistent graphic elements. Approved.

Tiger Designer — Beirut lends his voice of support for a strict upbringing, design-wise at least; I probably just got forty hits for having the word “tiger” in this post — talk about a meme!

Secret Stash — Yiting Cheng designs some rather clever items that muse on the idea of concealing items in plain sight, sort of.

Unnecessary Explanations — Usable design champion Khoi Vinh offers some insight on providing users enough information and allowing them to figure the rest out — these user idiots are often more intuitive than you think.

DYI On-Page SEO — A good quick read offering a few on-page SEO pointers.

Putting Back the Face into Typography — Huh? Regardless of the nonsensical title, it’s a great interview with type wizard Erik Spiekermann. I love that guy. (Not love love. Don’t be gay. (I imagine sleeping with him is cold. Very cold.))

See Opposite — Pentagram do their usual good job, this time in a self-promotion project sent out for the holidays. Printed in two colours, the booklet features imagery and words / phrases with the reader given the objective to form antigrams — an anagram that has meaning opposite to the original word / phrase. Hey, Pentagram, how do I get on your mailing list?

Dank! 2nd Hand Furniture — Some nice and sexy retro-styled ads for a second hand shop. Who did the work? DDB did, of course. Stupid question.

Kicking Ass on Kickstarter — Frank Chimero cranks Kickstarter to eleven and doubles a funding goal for his new book in less than a week. “Hit the internet switch immediately! My pockets are about to burst!” Seriously though, good job — I envy your skills, Frank.

Alright, we’re done. Now get off your computer and check your house for any hidden tigers waiting to pounce on your tiny, unsuspecting body right away — they’re more prevalent than you might assume. Or don’t. Maybe it’s not hungry. Say, where’d your cat go? (Apologies if I inadvertently caused you any concern over your cat’s wellbeing. That was mean of me and I’m sorry.)


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