Week In Review

01.23.2011 – 01.30.2011

A day late. Again. I’d apologize for the inconsistency, but, in actuality, my inconsistency is its own form of consistency. Plenty of design links following, obviously. (These links are provided in no particular order. And if you’re wondering about the new Week in Review image header, the rather creepy image is selected from one of the links below — the previous header design was lame.) 

Oribotics — A very nice interactive art installation. The video starts off pretty slow with the standard semi-understandable explanation from the artist but if you scrub towards the end you can see the effect the overall installation has.

Gunn Report 2010 — CR rounds up the year’s top ads according to the Gunn Report, which uses a weighted points system that refers to various award show results blah blah blah… Some great advertising (including some Canadian work; holla!) — check it out.

MoMA Adds 23 Typefaces — Pretty much what the link says: the Museum of Modern Art has added twenty-three typefaces to their permanent collection; H&FJ and Matthew Carter make a strong appearance. (Gotham, of course, is added. Seriously, Gotham is the new Helvetica and you can’t argue that.)

Needle Design Retro-style Posters — A collection of sexy retro-inspired posters. I’m particularly digging the Inception design; very smart.

Love Trailer — Rock band Angels & Airwaves are presenting the world with Love, a film “driven by [their] powerful music”. I can’t say I like the music but the trailer is certainly intriguing.

Apple’s Funny Screws — Apple’s taking some flak regarding a special kind of screw they’ve started to introduce for which screwdrivers are rather scarce. While it’s not necessarily the hugest of issues, between this and their apparently questionable environmental ethics, Apple’s products are starting to lose a bit of their gloss.

Plagiarized or Not? — This project caught my eye considering I own Restraint, the typeface used for the ‘H’ and ‘HALA’ logotypes. What gets interesting is while the firm, Motto, references Bantjes’ work, they paid no attention to the EULA that clearly states you cannot use Restraint as the basis for identity design. Whoops! Perhaps they got special permission — we’ll see if anything develops.

Dark Age: Dominion — A very interesting looking graphic novel from a team of identical twin designers / illustrators; it looks like a really interesting mix of graphic design and comic book.

Nordstrom Hosiery — I’m really liking the type treatments that reflect the products themselves. Clever.

All About Tea — A very sophisticated — aesthetically, not literally — identity for an English wholesale tea distributor. The monochromatic approach and dotted logo, a nod to the ubiquitous strainer, combine for a nice identity, courageous in its sheer simplicity.

This Is Me, On Drugs — Bryan Lewis Saunders started taking drugs to keep drawing self portraits interesting after years of painting himself. I’ll admit I’m a little skeptical of one or two of them but it still kept me interested to the end.

Stranger & Stranger Absinthe — In keeping with the previous link, here’s an utterly gorgeous absinthe bottle. ‘Nuff said.

Done and done.


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