Week In Review

Week In Review — 12/19/2010 – 01/22/2011

With a huge sigh of relief I finally get back to my much neglected Week In Review feature. As mentioned previously, this “week’s” worth of links is a selected bunch covering the time between my last Review and now. Check it … 

Why Can’t We Walk Straight? — A great little look at how, when blindfolded, a human being simply cannot travel in a straight line continuously. What’s really interesting is that the majority of the time we end up doing a series of tightening circles.

Sensational Circus Spectacular — A very hip school project involving a type driven ID system for a circus.

G72K10 — Douglas Coupland reimagines some paintings by the famous Canadian artist group, the Group of Seven. File under: Wish I Thought Of That.

Colt Redesign — Another school project, this time for arms manufacturer Colt. A nice evolution, honouring the past while confidently moving forward.

Cat Spies & Other Military Misadventures — A nice roundup of some fairly absurd programs some governmental bodies adopted at one point or another to try and one-up the competition. My favourite is definitely the CIA’s cat spy; costing a cool $20 million, Agent Double-Oh-Feline was hit and killed by a taxi moments after the first mission’s launch.

ICON Redesign — Not a school project, Ken Leung — former AD at Monocle — directs the sexy redesign of ICON magazine. Working on a magazine at the moment, this really caught my eye though it’s not aesthetically suitable for my project.

Honey & Mackie’s — Gorgeous collateral for an ice cream parlour. I’d probably wash the ice cream cup out and keep it; loving the colourful type.

Royal Mail Yearpack 2010 — More type! A very nice collection of first day stamp covers as well as a miscellany of historical facts. Want!

Maximalist Goes Minimalist — Antrepo imagines what some products lining shelves today would look like with a more tasteful approach. I approve.

That’s the cream of the crop. I have every intention of dutifully posting next week’s review on time, as well as putting at least one Portrait of Spam up. Promise.


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