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Every morning, I check my mailbox in the anticipation of receiving something. Usually it’s a bill, which is pretty lame and not the sort of thing I’m looking for. Yesterday, however, was a day of joyous surprise: a padded envelope from Studio on Fire. While my eyes were still blurry with sleep, anything with an SoF stamp on it gets my anticipation bubbling. 

I put it on my desk and continued with my morning routine. Once my hair was done and I was good and ready to start the day, I immediately launched into the envelope. Was it an order delivery? Was it an outstanding invoice? It was neither. Instead, it was a copy of their 2011 desktop (physical desk, not the virtual one) in all its four-colour letterpress glory. Jumping for joy until my legs tired, I continued to open the plastic wrap and look through all twelve of the beautiful cards, each sporting a wonderful illustration to accompany the month’s dates — all set in SoF’s typeface of choice, DIN. (I’d be very surprised if it weren’t DIN they’re using.) I wanted to snap photos of my own but my digital camera recently went shit, leaving me only with my cell phone camera which would do this work of art no justice. Instead, I’ve gone ahead and thieved the photo you see above from SoF’s site, where you can view the rest and order yourself a copy should you be so inclined.

Totally unexpected, but that’s probably the best part; Studio on Fire, you guys rock. And if you’re looking for a good letterpress studio, look no further, SoF really know their way around a press. (Not to mention they’ve got some mean design skills to boot.)


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