Portraits of Spam, Stuff I've Designed

Portraits of Spam

Spam! Spam! Spam! No, I’m not referring to the Monty Python skit or the pervasive canned meat for that matter, but rather the endless amounts of spam email received on a daily basis. I’ve seen a few artists appropriate spam emails and turn them into art projects; I’ve decided to do the same with Portraits of Spam. Taking inspiration from the names of the email senders — they all seem this weird combination of common and uncommon names — I’m going to draw portraits of the names that strike me most. (I won’t deny the possibility that this idea isn’t wholly original. I may very well have seen something similar to this in the past. Anyways, I say “Fuck it, let’s go.”)

I’m not sure how often these will get posted up here. I’m going to aim to do a few a week but, depending on how long this first one takes me (which is in the works), it may just be a single post a week. Look for the first one to be up by week’s end.


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