On Ice Cream And Abortions

In the interest of social and political progress, I offer you the opinions of Lia Mills, a twelve (or thirteen) year old girl is who very well informed on some very serious topics. Please, take some time and familiarize yourself with her entire YouTube Offerings, including Lia’s Euthanasia Speech, her double-header Are the Unborn Humans? and Are the Unborn Persons?, and my personal favourite, Abortions and Ice Cream: A Personal Preference Issue?

I’m sorry Lia, but are you for real? Chocolate vs Vanilla vs Abortions?! Obviously you don’t fully understand what you’re talking so matter-of-factly about when you’re using such a ridiculous simile. Whoever’s propagating her messages — I’m looking at those who invited her to speak on Parliament Hill in Ottawa (what?!) and those recording/editing her videos — needs to stop and give her time to understand just what sort of consequences an opinion like her’s could have. (If you’re wondering, I do lean to the pro-choice side. It’s a very complicated subject that has many contradictory notions — like pro-abortion, anti-death penalty — and can literally affect all of us, but ultimately I think it’s a choice that needs to be available.)

This is one of the problems I have with the internet: the ubiquity of being able to post things completely unadulterated. Then again, I suppose that’s one of its blessings, too. One those mixed bag things; you can find a lot of great content if you look in the right places, but there’s an overwhelming amount of tripe.

(Via Videogum, a never-ending source of absurdity.)


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