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Filmography 2010

I plan on reviving the Week In Review feature that crashed immediately after its inaugural post; it’ll be a collection of links I’ve flagged over the course of the week, made available every Sunday. Yes, every Sunday. Until then, enjoy this excellently edited montage of films from 2010. (The creator admits that this is hardly an exhaustive look at everything released in 2010, more a collection of films that caught her attention for one reason or another.) While I feel it’s a little on the long side — you kind of get the idea fairly quickly and I caught myself checking the play progress bar a few times — I think it’s worth checking out just for the seamlessness of the editing.

(Via Videogum.)

Part of me is wanting to get in on this whole video editing thing, but I have no idea what software they’re using. I’ll have to look into it.


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