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Tales of the Obvious: Don’t Plagiarize

This image was making the rounds over the weekend. No Labels, a company whose purpose is somewhere in the lines “Put the Labels Aside. Do What’s Best for America. We are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who are united in the belief that we do not have to give up our labels, merely put them aside to do what’s best for America.” (I guess their aim is to reduce the inter-party bickering that occurs in US politics and just get on with progress. Anyways, I digress.) 

Dave Warren and his FLY Communications company “created” the graphics (left) using readily available clip-art, riffing on the existing political party mascots. It was then pointed out that there are numerous animals that, despite not only looking nearly identical, are in identical locations. Countering this accusation, Warren defended himself Monday saying, “I do my own thinking, man”. The best part about all this is that Warren hadn’t even looked at the suspected original piece, “We Need More Party Animals” created by Thomas Porostocky in 2004 (right).

Of course, flash forward to today and Warren’s seen the piece and has released an apology for obvious infringement. “Late last night, after I got home and finally saw the nearly identical figures and arrangements between your designs and ours, I realized we could not have gotten our designs from clip art. I confirmed that fact later on last night with my staff… There’s no excuse for this. I take full responsibility for it. And I’m sorry.” Warren said. (Hah. Dude, if you’re going to defend work with your name associated with it you may want to do the least bit of research and discover, “Fuck, that is pretty similar.”) Warren’s explanation? “… a designer he hired had grabbed the logo featuring red-white-and-blue animals from the web site of the group More Party Animals and incorporated it in the design.” Ouch. That’s got to be one red-faced, pink-slipped designer.

Lesson? Don’t copy. Steal, sure, but don’t copy. Picasso figured this out ages ago.

(Info from various sources. Photo pulled from Imprint.)


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