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Four Lions Trailer

You’ve got to admire someone who’s got the balls to make a comedy about a small group of amateur terrorists — if there is such a thing. Four Lions is the latest film from Chris Morris, of which the trailer is now available for your viewing. I took a snap of the part that made me laugh out loud. Without giving it away, the man in the photo above means for his face to be blurry.


2 thoughts on “Four Lions Trailer

  1. I really wanted to like Four Lions… but sadly a brave film doesn’t necessarily make it a good one.
    Chris Morris’s constant attempts to turn it into a slapstick comedy undermines the important message behind the film and dilutes it all into a superficial exercise.
    Not a disaster, but it could have been so much better…
    Here’s my review: http://wp.me/p19wJ2-aq

    • I’ve seen quite a few movies that have an odd combination of serious drama and comedy, as though they’re sitting on the fence unsure of which side to land on, which left me feeling a little confused as a viewer. As I haven’t seen Four Lions yet I’m not sure if that’s exactly what it is you mention, but I think I get your point. Regardless of how the film is overall, the moment depicted above is utterly hilarious.

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