HorrorFest 2010, Round 6 Playlist

Here it is, folks: the last round of films for HorrorFest 2010. October has flown by and Halloween is a couple days away. Have you all got your costumes? I do, but I’m not telling you just yet. This weekend’s playlist is shorter than previous ones have been, but features what look like some promising flicks.

Rec — I tried to watch this last night but after my buddy complained that it was exactly like Quarantine except in spanish — though in reality Quarantine is exactly like Rec except in english — so I didn’t get more than twenty minutes in. From what I did see, I’m stoked to throw this one on and watch it in its entirety.

The Thing — From what I understand, this is a well-respected remake of a classic. Supposedly featuring the goriest make-up effects of its time, it’s probably lost a bit of its impact today but I’m still looking forward to it. Plus it features Snake Plissken! Wicked awesome!

I’ve got what sounds like a pretty serious party to attend on Saturday night, which could put me in the perfect mood for a powerhouse session of horror on Sunday (Halloween!). I won’t deny I get a little teary-eyed thinking about this all coming to an end soon. Sniff.


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