HorrorFest 2010, Round Three

Yeah, I meant to have these two reviews out a little sooner, but that’s life, isn’t it? It’s Wednesday already, which means it’s cheap night at the local video store so I’ll be heading up and renting another batch, but in the mean time on with the content! 

Hostel — Meh. After all the hubbub I had heard over this film — which I mentioned in my preview commentary — this really didn’t offer much that I haven’t seen before. I was hoping that, lacking originality, it’d really amp up on the gore but it was far more timid than I expected. Ignorant young men? Check. Ideal destination packed with sexy and eager women? Check. Typical horror plot? Double check.

White Noise — I realize that the horror genre isn’t exactly loaded with Oscar winners, but is it really that hard to make a horror movie that doesn’t end up going down one of the paths already laid? White Noise falls comfortably into that category. Yeah, it’s got a few decent moments — I did receive a few chills — but it ends up outdoing itself as usual, running on the verge of absurd.

I’m going to do some research this time around and hopefully avoid a group of disappointments.


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