Whoops, Forget That New Logo!

I’m sure, if you aren’t living under a rock without access to WiFi — darn those rocks with high lead content — then you’ll have heard the whole Gap logo fiasco, going from its familiar blue square to a logo that makes zero sense; then onto the announcement of a crowdsourcing project to find a logo to appease the angry masses, only to rescind all forward momentum and return to the blue square. Holy Slippery Banana Peel Batman! This obviously recalls the infamous cancellation of Tropicana’s redesign that received horrified response from consumers.

Have we reached an age where the consumer is the true decision maker? Or are these brands just a little weak at the knees when they hear a little negativity?


2 thoughts on “Whoops, Forget That New Logo!

  1. Dazey2 says:

    I actually didn’t have a problem with the Tropicana re-design, but the Gap new logo was pretty lame. I do think it’s pretty great though, that with evidence such as these two cases, Graphic Design is really *that* important to the world. Audiences may not realize they have such an impact being a critic, but it’s kind of neat how Graphic Design works that way. On the contrary, if bad design is what gets noticed more often than successful design, then that also doesn’t bode well for the designers out there.

    • I’ll agree that it is nice to see design receiving the spotlight after so many decades of being virtually invisible to those outside the profession. I think the biggest concern is that if companies are willing to renege on design changes due to customer complaints, how are we going to convince clients that a brave departure in design is a worthy attempt?

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