HorrorFest 2010 — Change of Plans

So I’ve decided to alter my schedule for HorrorFest 2010 slightly. Instead of being overly ambitious and scheduling a metric ass load of movies for each weekend, I’m going to space them out and give each of them the viewing they deserve. I mean, as fun as marathons are and everything, you ultimately get burnt out and don’t focus as much as you could or should. I got back from the video store a short while ago and have three movies that are entirely new to me; I tried to vary the type of horror found in each movie:

  • Dead Snow — I’m pretty stoked to see this one. I love zombies, and I hate Nazis — combining them is just pure genius.
  • White Noise — Michael Keaton isn’t the worst actor, and White Noise is a pretty cool name for a horror movie. I’m giving this one a 65/35 for the chances of enjoyability.
  • Hostel — A lot of my friends, particularly female, have expressed horror over having watched this movie. Given what I know about Eli Roth — not to mention it’s “presented by” Quentin Tarantino, which I believe is just a fancy way of saying he’s an executive producer — this should be decent viewing.

There’s a good chance I’ll end up adding one or two from my shelves to the roster before the week’s out. As for what I’ll be watching tonight? That’s still up for debate — it’s too early (10:00 pm my time) to watch a horror movie anyways.


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