HorrorFest 2010 — Dead Snow

Whoa! Here I was thinking Rodriguez was hugely creative when he featured Machete swinging from one floor down to the next on a man’s intestines when — boomDead Snow shows a guy hanging from a cliff by a Nazi zombie’s digestive tract while another zombie Nazi holds on to the guy!  Whoa again! That scene alone makes the film worth watching, but on a whole it’s quite entertaining. That intestine scene I mentioned previously isn’t even the lone one; in fact, there’s a minimum of five scenes involving spilling guts, one of which is a rather creative blurry first person shot while one of the female characters gets disemboweled by a couple Nazi zombies. (Saying that really doesn’t get old: Nazi zombies.) There were a few scenes I could’ve done without — the one where the gang is in the cabin and the zombies seem to be causing an earthquake was a little much — but there are at least a half-dozen moments that are truly unique and, despite the gore, utterly hilarious. My favourite moment involves one of the last surviving characters amputating his own arm with a chainsaw to try and avoid infection, all because his film nerd friend said “Whatever happens, don’t get bitten”, then cauterizing it and continuing the fight. Brilliant.

I’m giving this one a solid eight out of ten; I’ll probably watch it again before it’s due back.


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