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Politics Finally Getting Amusing

Great news from the interwebs: Politics are finally getting interesting! From a brief article on GOOD comes word of Brazil’s newest legislative addition, a possibly illiterate celebrity named Grumpy the Clown (pictured above), who received the most votes of any candidate. A little snippet, should you not be interested enough already:

… he promised, if elected, to find out what an elected official actually does.

And, perhaps even better, is a story linked to in the article mentioned above about Jon Gnarr and his foundation of the Best Party of Iceland, which received more than one third of the votes with a campaign including a polar bear exhibit, free towels at the public pool and a Disneyland at the airport — you know, for the kids. The best part is the expectations he has of his fellow politicians:

With his party having won 6 of the City Council’s 15 seats, Mr. Gnarr needed a coalition partner, but ruled out any party whose members had not seen all five seasons of “The Wire.”

I’d definitely vote for that guy — it sounds like he’s really ready to commit to tackling some serious issues.


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