HorrorFest 2010, Round One

This weekend found me busy again partying, causing all sorts of abuse to fall upon my internal organs. As such, the first weekend was a little light on horror movies. While I managed to get a couple in, the real winner was Fubar II which I enjoyed immensely. Anyways, on to my thoughts on the two horror movies I did watch: Paranormal Activity and Planet Terror.

Paranormal Activity — Firstly, I just want to say I was hugely disappointed by this movie. Granted, I had a drink or two so was a little less jumpy than I might usually be, but considering the hype the movie received around its release I was left thinking, “This was just The Blair Witch Project except in a house.” I’ll admit I received a chill or two in the first half of the movie, but once things really pick up it turns into the usual nonsense that eventually outdoes itself and leaves you chuckling. I’ve still got it for another few days so I may re-watch it, but that’s only because I’m polite like that and finish my plate, even if it tastes awful.

Planet Terror — I’m a fan or Robert Rodriguez. His is a style not for everyone — heavy on violence, gore, scantily-clad women and obnoxious sleaze — but it’s what I’d consider a bad movie done really well. If you like your movies to be very reality-based then move on, but if you like melting zombies and the idea that a woman’s leg can be replaced with a machine gun, then you’ll love this bad boy. (I can also happily report that I saw Machete in its full theatrical glory and loved it.)

Next weekend I plan on upping the ante with more, and less familiar viewing. I’m not sure whether I’ll do a bit of homework or just pop into the video store and select at random, but you can expect a healthy dosage of horror in a week’s time.


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