Horror’s Here!

That’s right kiddies! It’s October already, and you know what that means. Don’t you? Sure you do. Horror movies! If you’ve only even glimpsed at this blog briefly you’ll know I’m a big movie nerd, and I can’t really think of a funner genre of movies than horror — from actually (though not frequently) scary to utterly ridiculous, few genres go from one end of the spectrum to the other all while retaining core elements. And what better way to celebrate this month and its adopted film genre than watching a fistful of horror movies each weekend? That’s what I’m planning to do, and I’m going to provide pre- and post-watching commentary — come on, who doesn’t enjoy hearing one’s expectations and then seeing them fulfilled or, more entertainingly, destroyed? I know I do. There will be a few exceptions as I’ll be covering some classics that I’ve definitely seen before, but I plan on offering my eyes and mind a lot of new vicarious experiences.

Keep your peepers open ’cause this weekend’s just around the bend. (Cue loud crack of thunder and flash of light.)


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