Week In Review

Week In Review: Feb 21 – 27

As promised, here’s Saturday’s round-up…

BBC gets a refresh — A great look behind the scenes of the UK’s preeminent television station’s re-design. (Maybe not the juiciest of stories, but thorough.)

Patterns! — A great visual system for seeds. Seems so obvious but I don’t think I would’ve thought of it.

Mouse vs Mouse Trap — A great twist on what you’d expect.

Sustainable Design — thomas.matthews gets re-designed in a seriously ecologically friendly — and very attractive — manor.

Topography — A good example of a flexible identity system that doesn’t involve simply masking images.

Peekaboo — Some seriously cool business cards. (And to think all that stuff inside means something.)

AAAAAAAANGRY — Aziz Ansari is not afraid to call out all those who have disappointed him in his co-authored mix tap endeavour.

Corrugated Cardboard? — Seriously, that is some cool lookin’ packaging for cardboard.

GOOD gives you the Top 10 of TED — If GOOD is recommending anything, let alone presentations from TED, you gots’ta check it out.

A cafe with attitude — I know I’ve mentioned this cafe’s packaging before, but there’s a bunch of stuff there I hadn’t seen before that’s as good as the rest. When you get it right, you get it right.

James Cameron in a nutshell (or Venn Diagram) — Sometimes it’s best said simply with a diagram. I laughed out loud a little.

Liechtenstein — A cool branding for a location, albeit sort of bloated with the typical “everything means something, even though it doesn’t look that way” pitch.

Old School — A new typeface with old character.

INDIA/ANAPOLIS — People seem pretty mixed on the ‘A’ split, but I’m with Armin on this one; a nice typographical solution to a widely varied problem.

Fruit with hats — Charming packaging for a line of dried fruit.

There you have it. If you don’t want design related links, you obviously shouldn’t be reading this.


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