A Month’s Hiatus

You could well have guessed it, though. In my constant struggle with “Is it worth it?” and how to bring something even just a little unique to the bloated blogosphere, I opted to take a month off and not sweat it, giving myself time to find focus.

Firstly, Spare Change will resume, but I’m going to move it to a thrice-a-week event: Mondays, Wednesdays (excluding today) and Fridays. That’ll give me enough time that I should be able to come up with something decent. That’s what I’m hoping, anyways. Regardless, for those awaiting its return — I’m looking at you, Dee — fear no longer.

I’m also going to introduce a weekly round-up of stuff that’s caught my eye as I peruse the interwebs. Saving myself premature balding over trying to find a clever name, it’s simply called Week In Review. I plan to have these out on Saturdays for those wanting something to eat a little spare time over the course of the weekend.

Lastly, since I can’t seem to figure out a better use of all the stuff, I’m introducing another section to the blog: The Sketchbook. This isn’t just dedicated to what everyone would expect: scans from sketchbook pages. It’s also going to feature unexplored ideas, executed ideas that were abandoned for one reason or another; pretty much anything that hasn’t seen the light of day before. Who knows, maybe there’s some gold in there I refuse to see.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “But Colin, you’ve said things before and haven’t exactly delivered.” And yeah, that’s true. But in the past month I’ve found a renewed sense of energy and focus, and with a little determination and discipline these goals are easily achievable — we’re not talking about climbing Everest, exactly. So, expect what I suppose you could call unprecedented activity on the blog, here.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, Canada is about to (hopefully) put a hurt on Russia’s hockey club. I’ve got to feed my inner Canadian and drink beer and watch hockey. Go Canada, eh!


6 thoughts on “A Month’s Hiatus

  1. Dee says:

    Welcome back! And thanks for the shout out (although I now feel a bit stalkerish). As I type, your women are on their way to taking the gold medal — my U.S. gals are down 2-0, at the second intermission. Here’s hoping for a U.S.-Canada rematch on the men’s side (Go Miller!), and looking forward to more goodness on this blog!

    • Dee, it’s sort of inevitable to feel at least a bit like a stalker in a crowd of one — my fanbase, if you will. (My turn for the reference challenge; I can give you a clue if necessary. I should also say I don’t mean any exact relation if you get the reference.) And I think it’s safe to say I enjoyed today’s (yesterday’s) hockey game a little more than you did, but you should have your wish. (That is, assuming there aren’t any upsets between now and Sunday. And go Luongo! Or Brodeur!)

      • Dee says:

        Congrats on the Gold Medal — good game!

        I believe you may have me on the reference. I’m assuming “a crowd of one” is the challenge. A quick Googling showed two possibilities. You write like a well-read individual, so the Clippinger book makes sense, but I suspect your interest in music is behind the reference. Being a child of an earlier decade (or more likely two), I’m more a fan of classic rock, but will give these guys a listen.

        Then again, I might be completely off base. 🙂

      • It definitely was a good game, ultimately coming down to goaltending and a couple sharp shots.

        As for the little puzzle, I can’t say I’ve ever heard of Clippinger — I guess I come off a little more literary than I am. Music is a great lead, though what I’m referencing occurs on the screen and not in the music, and “fan base” is more the reference than “crowd of one”. Keep digging!

  2. Dee says:

    Congratulations on the other Gold Medal in Hockey! What an exciting game!

    (clears throat) How ’bout one more clue on the puzzle? I’m not ready to admit defeat … yet.

    • That was one hell of a hockey game. I was a little nervous when it got tied up, but Crosby definitely put the cherry on top.

      Another clue: Kiwis, and not the fruit.

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