Review: In the Loop

In the Loop is easily one of the funniest movies based on politics I’ve ever seen. Leave it to the British when it comes to scathing satire that you can only assume is, on some level, true.

Following an ensemble of governmental workers, from a new assistant in British parliament to some high-ups in the US arena, the film portrays them as they deal with the uncertain future of — at least uncertain back then — war in the Middle East. The pace is quick and the verbal lashings even quicker, with enough quotable dialogue to fill a book. (You might as well just get a copy of the script.) A few of my favourite lines, including two from the brilliantly moronic but so self-important Linton Barwick:

“I can’t stand to see a woman bleed from the mouth. It reminds me of that Country & Western music…” Linton comments after Karen Clarke’s gums(?) start bleeding in the middle of a meeting.

“I hate hookers — not in an aggressive way…” Simon Foster replies to the chauffeur, the chauffeur having seriously inquired as to whether Simon wanted girls or not after a joke Simon made.

“In the land of the truth, the man with one fact is king.” Linton firmly states, tired of all the facts people keep presenting regarding the possible war in the Middle East.

The one negative comment I would make is that it lost quite a bit of its humour towards the very end, but it’s hardly a complaint. In sum, if you like political humour, British humour, or have any taste at all, do yourself a favour and check it out. Be forewarned: Colourful language is quite common, especially in the company of a few of the characters.

(I’m feeling generous today.)


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