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New Years Resolutions

My poor, neglected blog — between travel, partying, and forgetting my laptop numerous times, I finally have the time to sit down and catch back up with the internet. (596 RSS updates is always a pleasant surprise.) While it’s been a thoroughly entertaining few months, it’s time to focus and get my priorities straight, which leads me to this year’s resolution: Getting serious.

Since leaving the regularly scheduled office life, there’s been some working (which I intend to post on my site this week), but there’s been a lot of leisure. And I mean a lot. To break my time down would probably come off as mean to those still working the usual shifts, so I’ll just say it’s been fairly relaxing. But it’s the new year now so what better time to turn a new leaf. Not to suggest I won’t make time for leisurely pursuits — I’d go crazy otherwise — but success requires hard work. At least that’s what they’ve always said.

The company I briefly mentioned in a previous post is moving ahead, albeit missing two of the original constituents (as of this post, anyways). We’re discussing letterpress business cards and working on our web site. If all this goes as I hope, it could be a great place for me for the foreseeable future. I’ll be getting back on top of this blog thing so anticipate updates should you be interested.

I unfortunately missed the deadline for January’s run of wallpapers on Smashing Magazine (which I’m going to try and make a regular habit of contributing to). So, instead of letting it go to waste, I’ll make it available to anyone who requests one through the comments — just let me know what your dimensions are and how to get it to you and you’ll have your very own custom version. Here’s a preview:

In musical news, I’ve got another pub gig coming up with my good friend Gio this Saturday, so my stomach will most likely be on edge throughout the week. It’ll be the same as last time, I’m sure: Occasional bouts of nausea and self-doubt up until I’m behind the drums and then it’s a blast. There’s not much more rewarding an experience than entertaining a crowd; applause is pretty amazing when directed at you. Anyone reading this in the Sidney, BC area is surely invited to come — the more the merrier.

Well that’s all for now. Spare Change will return tomorrow, and this time I’m serious. Until then.


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