Spare Change

And Again… Spare Change #008-010


Just like my first few attempts at a regular exercise routine, this Spare Change project has had a bit of a stutter start. As with the previous entry, here are three more entries to try and make up for my lack of regular posting.

spare change 008

I always seem to get this overwhelming sense of inner happiness when I wake up to a dark day. It may have something to do with my childhood and staying home from school and playing video games and watching movies all day — something I still unfortunately have a great love for.

spare change 009

Something I’m sure all of us have felt at one point or another.

spare change 010

Not just because I think I look absolutely ridiculous in virtually every photo that’s ever had me in it, but I’m always left thinking “That’s how everyone else sees me?!”

Now hopefully I can buckle down and get this going smoothly day to day.


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