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GOOD has a brief write-up regarding the generally unnecessary practice of stores printing out receipts of your purchases. I was glad to see this article because just the other day I was conversating with someone about just that: most of the receipts we receive on a regular basis serve no purpose but to either take up room in one’s pocket, wallet, purse or ultimately, the trash can. What irks me the most is that many retailers have taken the opportunity to place ads of upcoming sales or events on these receipts as well, so when I make my small purchase of beef jerky and some bananas, I’m handed a six inch micro-catalogue of what’s on sale. And Heaven forbid you should use your debit card — you’ve just earned yourself another slip verifying that yes, you did indeed make that purchase with your debit card. Just as asking whether one needs a bag or not, we should be given the same option for our receipts. My answer would almost always be “No.”


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