The Hangover


No, this is not a review of the movie, though I do have every intention of seeing it eventually. (Regardless of the generally good reviews it’s gotten, I am a huge fan of Zach Galifianakis and will support just about anything he does. If you’re not familiar, start here, and be sure to check these out too.) No, this article is literally about the hangover I experienced yesterday — recording this so as to perhaps avoid this in the future*. I would’ve written this yesterday in the midst of it all, but frankly the screen was just too bright.

It all started pretty early with some friends and I hitting the lake and swimming, enjoying a few (5) cold tall cans of Bavaria; the beer was on sale 6 for $15 and that’s near impossible to resist. We had to take it easy though, we were going to a pub later on to celebrate a friend’s birthday. So after the swimming and beer drinking we headed back and changed into the evening’s attire and got started. Rye and gingers were flowing quickly right off the bat and — of course — celebratory shots. Luckily at some point someone mentioned food which I consumed with the lust only actors in pornography usually get to express. I say “luckily” because I can’t imagine how I would’ve felt had I not had at least a little something to absorb some of the liquor swelling within me.

Now this is where it all gets a little muddled in memory — you know, one of those nights were things just get away from you and there is no concept of limit. I know that once the first pub closed we progressed to another and things continued into the young hours of the morning. I also know that I rolled my ankle pretty good which explains the pain in my foot. What I don’t know is why my shoe smells like the ocean and my elbow was caked in tree sap. And I don’t know what the mark on my shirt is.

So, yesterday was spent limping around the house groaning and contemplating the results of the previous night’s activities. I ended upon a yin and yang like conclusion: that without a little pain and darkness, you can’t fully appreciate beauty and light. Without intoxication, what is sobriety? Maybe I’m just making excuses for myself.

* I suppose I shouldn’t say I’ll avoid this in the future, because I’d do it all again. I just hope it’s not for a long time.

I like the way the introductory type reversed out of colour adds a nice variety on screen, so I think I’ll make that a permanent thing. If you’re wondering, the typeface used is a free beta version of Quatro, designed by Mark Caneso and available for purchase here (which I would jump on were my Visa bill not quite so large).


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