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Type’s Most Wanted


I’ve developed a crazy love for 19th century typographic mishmash posters. The idea for the posters above arrived shortly after I tucked in for the night. (It’s a common occurrence for ideas to deliver themselves as I try to fall asleep — kind of annoying.) I suppose they also make a comment towards my rather discerning (read: anal retentive) taste for typefaces.


2 thoughts on “Type’s Most Wanted

  1. I absolutely love these posters! I am also a big fan of the Old Western poster design and found it very clever that you utilized such bold typographic elements to express your disgust for various over-used typefaces. I originally discovered your work from the lovely April calendar for the Smashing Wallpaper calendars. And this month, I love your take on the November 2009. Keep up the good work! Would you mind if I put a link to your blog on my blog’s site?

    • Thanks for the compliments! It’s always nice to hear when someone thinks you’ve got even a bit of talent. And you’re totally free to link to my blog — I would be grateful.

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