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Multitasking = Mediocrity


I was about to write an entry with exactly this as the subject. (Well, not word for word.) Jason over on Signal vs. Noise (the blog of 37Signals, a software company with what I think is a work ethic to model after) beat me to it with this. I was thinking about this the other day while walking home changing tunes on my iPod touch.

With all the applications pre-installed and hundreds more available at the push of a few buttons — and the help of a wi-fi network. I have a whole existence within the palm of my hand. Even something as simple as changing the track poses potential attention snares, should I catch a glimpse of one of the various apps I have installed and think, “Hmm, I wonder who’s posted what lately…” or “Have I received a response to that email yet?” Perhaps updates are available for some applications, which I need to do right away — of course. And all the while all I wanted to do was to skip to the next song on the playlist. My computer is the exact same.

All these people have devoted so much time to producing things that are supposed to make my life easier. But is it really? Easier, that is. I’m starting to wonder. A little more organized, I suppose.


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